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Founded in 1969 with a desire to optimise physical health, enhance physical performance, and rejuvenate skin vitality, NuScience Corporation started as an independent research and development facility of nutrition plus oxygen-based health products. 

Now, more than 50 years on, it has revolutionised an industry with Cellfood, an award-winning and world-leading formulation that may help provide your cells with micronutrients, a critical part of the nutrition your body needs, every day.

The scientific breakthrough combines trace minerals from the earth, ionic minerals from sea vegetation with dissolved oxygen and contains a unique blend that typically contains ionic minerals, enzymes, amino acids, electrolytes. This enables critical micronutrients to be delivered in a way that may be absorbed quickly and easily by the body.

As a result, NuScience is now recognised globally as the leading developer of high-performance health products and superfoods, and is trusted by millions of customers from families through to professional athletes.

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Key facts about Cellfood

Cellfood is Manufactured Under the Strictest Practices

NuScience Corporation is FDA registered, licensed by the State of California Department of Public Health – Food & Drug Branch, and is cGMP Certified by the prestigious Natural Products Association/Underwriters Laboratory group.


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