Frequently Asked Questions About Cellfood Answered

1. How should I take Cellfood?

Cellfood is best taken before meals, 3 times a day starting first thing upon rising in a glass of water. Usually 5 – 8 drops each serving is the correct dosage. Alternatively, add your individual serving of drops in your water bottle throughout the day. *Cellfood can be taken in juice if desired although water is preferred.

2. How much Cellfood do I start with?

As each person’s body is unique, along with our life’s circumstances, Cellfood serving suggestions are just that … a suggestion. Start slowly, this allows the body to release toxins and adjust to the unique nutrients in Cellfood. Normally you would start with 1-3 drops 30 minutes before meals 3 times daily. Work your way up to the optimal dosage of 24 drops daily. This may take a week or two. *Sensitive people can taken even as little as a drop per day if necessary. **Sports people can even take up to 50+ drops per day.

3. How long can I take Cellfood for?

Cellfood should be taken for life. It’s like adding fuel in your car. Every day your body rebuilds and cleanses. Cellfood helps assist that process enhancing wellbeing and energy. There is no reason for ceasing to take Cellfood unless it is advised by a Physician. We do not recommend Cellfood for pregnant women unless supervised by a Practitioner. People on blood thinning medication or very young children should seek Medical advise before taking any supplementation. For other medical conditions, please consult your Physician.

4. Can my children take Cellfood?

There is no reason why children can not take Cellfood if they are 8 years and older. Serving size depends on each individual but 1/4 the adult serving size is typical.

5. Can a breast feeding mother take Cellfood?

Yes! Although we ask you to check with your Doctor as every woman’s body is unique.

6. Can I take Cellfood with vitamin and mineral supplements?

Absolutely. Cellfood is the base building block of a good nutritional regime. We suggest that upon starting on Cellfood, always continue on medications and other supplements if they are prescribed by your Physician. However, to best discover the benefits of Cellfood we recommend to begin taking it alone or with half the dosage of other health products. *Cellfood is safe with foods and supplements. Always check with your Physician if you are on prescribed medication.

7. I am an athlete/exercise instructor/body-builder. How should I take Cellfood?

Cellfood works best in the body during and post work-out. Take up to 25 drops during your work-out and another serving post work-out for help with lactic acid reduction. *Cellfood contains no banned substances. **Athletes can take up to 50+ drops per day.

8. Can I give Cellfood to my pet?

Cellfood is not harmful to animals; however, ask your Vet if you have any concerns. Obviously, a small dog would only have a mini- mal amount compared to a human.

9. How do I store Cellfood?

Cellfood can be stored anywhere, preferably under 30 degrees celsius, and is resilient to heat and electromagnetic radiation. No refrigeration is necessary. It can be taken travelling or left out on your bench top. *Remember- Cellfood drops can be naturally acidic to certain materials i.e. laminates etc. Please store responsibly, adhering to advice on bottle.

10. Can Cellfood be taken without water or used on the skin?

Cellfood is only recommended to take in at least 250mls of water. The product is naturally acidic and works best when added to water enhancing the alkalising effect in the body. Cellfood should never be used on skin undiluted. We recommend using the Cellfood Oxygen Gel for Skincare for topical applications.

11. What is the shelf life of Cellfood?

The shelf life is indefinite. Recent testing of 25-year-old samples has demonstrated an improvement in potency. *Most countries regulations require a best before date of approximately 5 years on each bottle.

12. Can you combine products?

The Silica and Natural Burn Formulations contain just enough Cellfood to assist the special ingredients to absorb in the body as well as provide a mild detox. The Cellfood in Silica and Natural Burn is approximately 1/8 the strength of the Cellfood Original formula. (There is not enough Cellfood in these formulas to provide the benefits of Cellfood overall if taken without the Original Formula.) The Silica and Natural burn formula are unique as they perfectly blend with the Cellfood when taken together.

It is important to stress the Silica and Natural Burn should never replace taking Cellfood. We recommend giving people 2 bottles of Cellfood Original to start ( to prepare and detoxify the body) and then if they would like to try the other formulas, have them take 10 – 15 drops of Cellfood per day in the morning and 10 – 15 drops of Silica or Natural Burn at night.

The Cellfood Original Formula should be taken for life. It’s like putting good fuel in the body and enhancing all bodily functions. Cellfood harmonizes every bodily function and gives life to the body, the other formulas are for specific functions, Eg: weight loss (Burn) and beauty enhancement and connective tissue health (Silica). All are designed to accompany each other and all blend together beautifully. You cannot overdose if taken at appropriate dosages.
Ev Storey (The Inventor of Cellfood) recommended Cellfood Original formula for at least 12 months and then taken for life as a daily support at a reduced rate (10 – 15 drops).